Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beautiful Weather

The weather in Missouri has been perfect all week-end, in fact, we have had very pleasant weather all summer. There has been a lot of rain so there is garden produce that in any other year would have been burned up by the heat and lack of rain. My hubby and I went to the small town of Dixon to the church's sausage and chicken dinner. They had fresh green beans, sweet potatoes, apples, green peppers, house plants, mums, and needle work for sale. That was my favorite part of the day. I enjoyed the meal and visiting with people I had not seen for some time, probably since last year. We use to live in Dixon when the girls were young, so there aren't alot of the same people living there now.
Yesterday was a wonderful day of painting and visiting with the members of our painting chapter. Our teacher did a wonderful job of teaching, making it easy to follow her directions.
I am posting some pictures of art work I have done the past few months. I am trying to create Christmas ornaments, decorations, and cards for the opening of the Lollishop Guild which will open in November. I am so thrilled to have been selected to be a vendor. I hope I can fill my shop with goodies to sell.

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Alisa said...

You have some lovely pieces!
I'm so excited about LolliShops too! I need to get on the ball though. :)