Sunday, October 26, 2008

War Eagle

It has taken me a week to let everyone know about my weekend in Arkansas as I have been catching up on my work and have had somewhere to go most of the past week. We saw some outstanding crafts, but was disappointed to see items in the show that were not handmade. It is a difficult business at best, but when we have to compete with large companies who can mass produce these items(poorly)it becomes next to impossible. It is left to the customer to decide what they want, quality or quantity. Enough, I will get off my soap box.
The craft that stands out in my mind was the jewelry. So beautiful, I wanted one of each, but my budget wouldn't allow. There wasn't a lot of mixed media or vintage. There was a lot of pottery, paintings(most was watercolor), distressed furniture,food and jewelry.
It was awonderful weekend to get away from home, shop, meet old friends and relax.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good morning, Have been up since 4:30 A.M.(the dog got me up)and have accomplished a few things such as adding pictures to my blog. These are some ladies I have been working on for a couple weeks. My dear friend, Carol, gave me some magazines from the 20's and I have been sketching and painting. I love the way each girl has her own personality. I haven't named them, but am considering some names. I will let you know when I decide.
We have a busy week end planned and will be heading south to Arkansas for the annual War Eagle Craft Show east of Rogers, Arkansas. This is a girl's week end planned for a year ahead. We will leave early tomorrow(Friday) morning for a three day trek. I am beginning to get excited! There will be lots and lots of people, many large white tents, and crafts galore! This is a juried show so we will see quality work and will return with lighter wallets, but some wonderful works of art. Fourteen people are planning to meet in Bentonville, most from Missouri, two from Oklahoma. I will report on our trip and hope to take a lot of pictures.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beautiful Weather

The weather in Missouri has been perfect all week-end, in fact, we have had very pleasant weather all summer. There has been a lot of rain so there is garden produce that in any other year would have been burned up by the heat and lack of rain. My hubby and I went to the small town of Dixon to the church's sausage and chicken dinner. They had fresh green beans, sweet potatoes, apples, green peppers, house plants, mums, and needle work for sale. That was my favorite part of the day. I enjoyed the meal and visiting with people I had not seen for some time, probably since last year. We use to live in Dixon when the girls were young, so there aren't alot of the same people living there now.
Yesterday was a wonderful day of painting and visiting with the members of our painting chapter. Our teacher did a wonderful job of teaching, making it easy to follow her directions.
I am posting some pictures of art work I have done the past few months. I am trying to create Christmas ornaments, decorations, and cards for the opening of the Lollishop Guild which will open in November. I am so thrilled to have been selected to be a vendor. I hope I can fill my shop with goodies to sell.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Promises, Promises, Promises!!!

I promise that(hopefully) next week I will have some pics of my work on my blog. I have to rely on my hubby to post pics, but I need to learn and next week he will have time to teach me. We got a new computer and now I have to learn all over!!
My belief is that a blog is not a blog until you have pictures to show. I am not one that enjoys typing(never was that good in class)and am not interested in learning to be faster. So for me pictures can tell the story. So, until later.......
I am so happy to be a part of Lollishops Guild and have been chosen as a vendor. I have added followers and hope more join my blog.