Sunday, October 26, 2008

War Eagle

It has taken me a week to let everyone know about my weekend in Arkansas as I have been catching up on my work and have had somewhere to go most of the past week. We saw some outstanding crafts, but was disappointed to see items in the show that were not handmade. It is a difficult business at best, but when we have to compete with large companies who can mass produce these items(poorly)it becomes next to impossible. It is left to the customer to decide what they want, quality or quantity. Enough, I will get off my soap box.
The craft that stands out in my mind was the jewelry. So beautiful, I wanted one of each, but my budget wouldn't allow. There wasn't a lot of mixed media or vintage. There was a lot of pottery, paintings(most was watercolor), distressed furniture,food and jewelry.
It was awonderful weekend to get away from home, shop, meet old friends and relax.

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Mary Y. said...

Arlene - I love your ladies, especially Vivacious Violet, who does indeed remind me of you and your mother - both very lovely redheads (doesn't matter how you got that red hair)! All your work is beautiful. Such a talented artist.