Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And the Winner Is!!!

The winner is Maija,so if you can let me know your address I will send you the ornament, tomorrow. I know the weather in Arizona is so much better than in Missouri. We have had snow flurries since noon today, but not freezing, therefore not sticking to anything.
Thanks to all that interred the drawing. Please, if you would like follow my blog. I plan to follow your blogs, I have enjoyed each one I have read.
I have been busy putting items in my store, Art by Arlene, on Lollishops. Check it out!! I will be adding more items as soon as time permits.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Imagine my surprise when searching the internet on this wintery Sunday, when I happen upon your beautiful blog spot. My hairdresser, Shannon and I both commented on your art work and how fortunate of us to own SEVERAL original peices. Rumor out there is that you are shrinking in size, literally! The Williams' are looking forward to spending the upcomming Holiday with you, Dad and of cource Sparkalicous. Osage sends his best, "arf, arf arf." he says. translation "nice work Granny." Love my new ornament and have added to the tree. You ROCK! P.S. I ain't so good at spellin'.