Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flea Market Finds


I wanted to show what I purchased at Bear Ridge Antiques near my home.  The rooster pitcher was $1.50(a good buy).  I will add him to my rooster collection.  Two weeks ago I was wanting to give away all my roosters, I thought I wanted something else in my breakfast room and kitchen.  Apparently I changed my mind and started buying more roosters.  Oh, well  a lady can change her mind. 

The carpenter’s ruler  was $1.00 and I will use parts of it in my art.  I was surprised as usually they are priced higher, they have become a collector’s item.

The vintage valentine was in a friend’s booth and I love the colors, the fan is separate from the card .  In the same booth I found a pint jar filled with beads and jewelry.  Almost everything was a keeper, especially the vintage earrings.P1010011 P1010019 P1010018

Oh, I didn’t mention the glass dome.  Wonder what I will do with it?  I will make a glass cloche.  I will have to find a base and some type of glass knob or crystal, maybe an earring for the top.  Next I will find some treasure to display.  See why I am so busy all the time?  Sometimes the answer to my creations come when I think about some treasures I have stowed away from an earlier trip to a flea market, garage sale, or thrift store.

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