Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shelby’s Birthday Party

We celebrated Shelby’s 18th birthday at Lebanon today.  Her birthday was yesterday, January 9.  The immediate family was there except Jeff,Patsy, Janey, Trent, and Kyle.   It is difficult to get that many people together at the same time.  Shelly served tacos  with all the extras, and finished with cupcakes and birthday cake.  Shelly had the best coffee, Starbucks Christmas  blend,  I must buy some if they have any left.  I made Shelby the birthday crown just to reminds us she is 18.  This was my first try and I thought it was cute.  She said she was going to wear it all week end.   IMG_0939  IMG_0935

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The Muse said...

Well indeed a happy birthday!