Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things I've Listed

I am not having alot of people looking at my Etsy site, I know I should try harder, but I am computer illerate. I use google and that is very helpful. I don't have a problem adding the gadget, but always have trouble finding the picture I want to add.
There are some blogs I follow(check them out on my complete profile.)Then there are some blogs I need to add. That will be something I am working on starting now! Joy of Home is one I find so interesting.


Lydia said...

Thank you for becoming a follower:)

Love your artwork! When I have a chance will check out your ETSY. I have to start to sell in mine.

Was just about to do it before hubby's new situation.all my best:) Lydia

pve design said...

keep the faith, post your items on your blog and ask others to do so as well, and soon things will happen.
It takes time and patience! You can do it! YOu are not computer illiterate, we just did not learn it in school.
Happy Holidays.